Meet: Phillip Seomun



AGE: 27


A: So tell me, who is Phillip Seomun?

P: Hi, I’m Phillip, I own a brand called Another White Noise.  I have been working on this line since this past summer.  Another White Noise started off as a blog for about a year then transitioned into a t-shirt line. Yeah, I’ve been lovin’ every minute of it!


A: What does “Another White Noise” and “No Idol” mean on your tees and caps?

P: Another White Noise means to me another medium contributing to the Internet.  All the other millions of blogs and bloggers out there, so I’m contributing to that, so I’m another white noise.

“No Idols” was a message to myself, to be better, to not rely on things or other people for happiness, worried about how much money I was making, how big my next paycheck was going to be, and being very materialistic.  It was just a message to say it’s not about having all these things and these things do not represent me. When people see this “No Idols” they think it’s gospel related and in a way it kind of is, since I am Christian.  So “No Idols” speaks out differently to every individual. 


A:  Are you a one-man team or do you have a small team of workers?

P: I’m a one-man team.  So I design the graphics, run the production, and pack/ship, etc.


A: How long did it take for you to launch your line any hesitations?

P: I just went for it really!  I thought it through and just went for it. I was pretty scared at first but then you get over it.


A: How do you want to grow with this brand?

P:  I’m trying to expand as a brand and a blogger as well.  Instead of trying to be a brand I look up to like The 100’s or Hype Beast, I am trying to be my own version and make clothing that I like.  I want to convey a message through my designs and blog.


A: Do you have any mentors who helped you start your own line?

P: Yes, I have a few actually.  My old boss from Café Dulce, James, has been supportive and helped me understand and learn the registration process of trademarking and setting up my own business account.   Also got some tips from some of my church friends who are entrepreneurs like Tom, from Congruent Works, and also my current boss at Brewwell.


A: Did you go to fashion or graphic school?

P: I did not, I kind of wish I did but no I did not.


A: So if you have no prior experience, how did you gain connections here?

P:  I got my connections through my friend John, who works at a clothing manufacture company.  I got pretty lucky, he shared with me a list of great contacts he had work with before and just contacted them directly.  Now here I am.


A: Did you have to save up before starting up your line?

P: Yes and no.  Yes, because I started off with making no idols hats, which was out of my own pocket.  No, because I was very blessed to have my family helps with the heavier financial side of the business. Getting a trademark, sellers permit, bank account, and basically everything else. They helped me a lot and were very supportive!


A: When starting up your company, did you struggle with any problems?

P:  I was actually going to name my brand No Idols instead of Another White Noise, but when I submitted that name into Legal Zoom, they had mentioned that a lot of company names were very similar and suggested me not to use No Idols.



A: Three tips you would give to aspiring designers?

P:   1. As cliché as it sounds, you have to create/ design something that represents you not a brand or anyone you look up to.

2. Surround yourself with mentors that you really trust, even if they are not in the clothing industry, take any advice you can from them. 

3. Be open to learning new things, there is always room for improvement.



A: Do you have your own workspace or studio?

P: No, currently my room is my workspace.


A: How many pieces do you make per season?

P: So for this season, I made 7 tees, 7 sweaters, and 8 different hats.  For my next season, I’m going to trim it down more since I am independent and need to be more conscious about how many items I produce. 


A: Do you make samples to showcase your designs?

P: I do make samples, but if it’s a very basic design I wouldn’t spend my time on it.


A: Do you make to order or do you have a set cut of what you are running for production?

P: Since I’m a startup line, my orders are still on the small scale and I make about 8 pieces per style.


A: Is this brand a fulltime job for you or more of a side thing?

P: I would love for this to be a fulltime job but it is currently only part time for now.  I currently work part time in a coffee shop in Hollywood called Brewwell.


A: What is your daily schedule like?

P: It all depends on my part time job at Brewwell, so when I’m not working I like to work at nearby coffee shop called House Roots doing some brand researching, reading up on current events, answering my emails, and if I have time squeezing in a bit of writing as well while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 


A: Do you have other interest?

P: I love music! I play the guitar on and off for about 15 years now.  I’m not glued to any one genre.  I listen to different kinds of music, punk rock, soul and jazz.


A: Any future collaborations or anything big happening soon?

P: Currently not right now.  Maybe next year!


A: Eventually do you want this to become your career?

P:  Hopefully! But if it doesn’t then so be it, but I’m going to do my best while I have it.



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