Meet: Duston Jasso





A: So tell me about yourself!

D: Hi I’m Duston, I grew up in Lakewood California, which is next to Long Beach.  I began drawing before I even started writing and knew I wanted to pursue something in the arts. As I got older I knew passion was the medium between having your own business and making money while being creative which was the perfect build for me. Two weeks right after I graduated high school I went to FIDM. From there my career has taken off and gotten so much exposure.  I got accepted into FIDM debut and was then later asked to show case my designs at NYFW for the Supima design competition. 

A: Are you still going to school?

D: I’m actually going into my fourth year to finish my bachelors at FIDM, so this year it is all going to be general classes for business. I will be finished in September of this year!

A: Are you currently working?

D: I currently work at Guess, in the young contemporary women’s outerwear and bottoms division where I assist the head designer. Guess has been taking care of me for about 3 years now and has been very supportive of my journey.  I’m blessed to have them.

A: What inspires you?

D: Things I see like nature, movies, colors, and or even a work of art inspires me. I gravitate more towards abstract concepts then like technical or hard but it’s more like soft, pretty, and fantasy like.  I like telling a story in my designs.  I look at fashion as an art, a medium to express myself.


A: So what direction of fashion do you want to get into?

D: Ideally I would like to do couture.  I love creating one of a kind piece and keeping hand-craftsmanship designs relevant.  Putting your energy, time, and love into making a garment is important to me when I design.  I would also like to design red carpet gowns.


A: Do you want to have your own line eventually?

D: Yes!  I would love to have my own ready to wear company and venture into more evening wear/ couture.  That is my ultimate goal.


A: What is your day to day life like?

D: So for me it is an essential to always meditate and have that stillness every morning to keep my head straight. So I do that for about 10-15 minutes.  Then I would briefly go on WGSN, a trend-forecasting site and kind of read what is going on.  When I was in the heat of my collection I would layout what I had to do for the day from sewing to hand beading, etc.


A: How much time do you usually put into your designing?

D: I try to sketch everyday so I’m constantly in a creative mode. When I designing my own collection, it was non-stop because I was doing everything myself, but on a daily basis now, I try to take about 30 minutes to 1 hour each day to sit down and come up with new concept designs.  I would also research ideas either on Pinterest, or Tumblr, and pull inspirations of images.   

A: How old are you?!
D: I’m 21!
A: gasp* So young… you’re doing great!



A: Do you have any other hobbies besides designing?

D: You know… It’s always related to art. I feel like fashion is my life and it’s either drawing or painting portraits. Everything is related back to art and fashion, I can’t stop.


A: Tell me about the process of showcasing your work in NYFW!

D: So I was in the Supima Design Competition and out of the 12 students in Debut they chose 1 student to represent them in NYFW. So in the competition they gave us five different raw fabrics to work with, a jersey, twill, cotton shirting, corduroy, and a denim. For each fabrication you had to create different looks.  So I hand painted the print and dyed the fabrics.  My theme of the collection was a fallen angel that fell down to earth so I cut and painted over 1000 gold feathers by hand.  I had to hand bead everything, to the patterning, draping, cutting, and sewing, which were a mission.   I had like panic attacks because I didn’t think I was going to finish in time.  It was a great experience though because every situation helps builds what you can handle and debut was a piece of cake compared to this competition.


A: Any upcoming big projects you are working on?

D:  In the beginning of April, I did a small collaboration with Guess’s Marciano team to do 3 pieces based on my debut collection.  I got to meet Paul Marciano and he loved my print that I used so they recreated a similar print.  The three pieces will be sold worldwide in Australia, the mid East, China, Korea, United States, and more.  I know it’s just three little pieces but to me it’s so cool to actually have a tangible garment that I designed in stores.


A: Advice you would tell aspiring designers?

D: Dedication, passion, and the drive are what you need to have.  You have to love what you do in all the craziness and be hard working to get where you want.