Meet: Tony Vo

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A: So tell me about yourself!
T: My name is Tony Vo, I’m  22 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I grew up in LA and was always exposed to the arts and the creative aspects of life.  I went to a fashion school in LA and majored in Fashion Design.   After graduation, I landed a job in the fashion industry, which I soon realized, wasn’t for me.  Working there eventually led me into the costuming world.  I was more fascinated by that because it was more built on creativity.  Now I currently work in the costuming department at Universal Studios.

A: So what does Killick stand for?

T: Killick stands for reserved individuality.  Basically that brand empowers self-pride and being able to fulfill your own individuality, to just be yourself, to be true, not to hold back.


A: Why did you start your own line?

T: I was fascinated by the business of fashion, and was curious to see how that would pan out with my life.  It was actually great!  The process and build was amazing, exciting, and really fun! I just wanted to see how it was like to do something for myself and not under someone’s line or wing.


A: How do you operate? By yourself or with a team?

T: I operate alone.  Personally I like to do things myself because I’m a control freak. But honestly if I had a team I could definitely go farther.


A: How long did it officially take for you to launch your line?
T: Probably about 6 months with the whole process of design, graphics, photo-shoots, production, social media, and marketing.   This was all while I was still working full-time at Universals.
A: What are three advises you would give someone who is looking to pursue a similar dream?
T: 1: One for sure, is to follow your heart, don’t let anyone persuade you into doing something that they think is right for you. You know yourself better than anyone else, so whatever makes you happy.
2: Have fun! Just have fun, because you know you are doing it from the heart.
3: Say please and thank you with a smile and you will get far in life.
A: How did you start designing your tees? Where did you learn or get inspiration?
T: I gathered a lot of inspiration from trend forecasting sites and books.   I took that and turned it into my own sense and idea.  My line is built on everyday influences and people.
A: On your clothing hangtag, it says all proceeds goes towards The Nature Conservancy, can you tell me more about that?
T: So I knew I wanted to give back to nature.  I wanted it to be a big influence and not like one of those brands that were all about money.  I wanted to focus on making a difference to aid the environment because we took so much from it.
A: So what is the process like when screen-printing tees?
T: So I do vinyl printing which is very exciting and interesting.  I start with a design on the computer (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop). It is then exported to Cuts A lot, a program my cutter prefers to use.  It is then printed and cut on vinyl and heat pressed for 20 seconds on a tee. 
A:  What are your hobbies?
T: I love to enjoy nature.  I love camping.  I also like water activities like the beach and or hanging at the pool.  I also do a lot of snowboarding in my free time.  Hanging out with my close friends and having a social life as well! 
A: What is your future plan for Killick?
T:  I want to be more active and involved, which is hard now since I have a full time job else where. I also would like to add more skus to the line.



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