Hi there! This is Alaina! Let me tell you about myself in a not so professional encounter! :)
I grew up with social anxiety, fear of being judged, intimidated by people, and scared of voicing my opinions, but I knew I didn't want these things little things controlling my life.  Art was my way to vent and connect myself to the world/people.  I wanted to apply my art skills with something practical, so I geared towards the world of fashion.  I graduated FIDM and went straight into work.  While working with a private fashion company for two years, I was exposed to putting on many hats for the company.  I knew I had to do something else on the side while working to excel in this competitive field and to better my skills.  I did some freelancing for some clients, and actually got an internship while working a full time was harsh on my schedule so I dropped it.  I think I was just so obsessed of becoming someone big already.  

Being in the fashion industry, you need to be able to talk the talk and also walk the walk ya know?  Referring back to the beginning of my intro... We all know it, we struggle internally about who we are going to be. How do we get there? How do I start?  What should I do? What is next?  All these questions begin to consume you in your daily life. Heck, I ask myself everyday if I'm doing the right thing. I always loved learning new things, especially about people and their success and stories of how they came to be. I created Meet: Blank.  Meet Blank is a blog dedicated to those amateur artists who needs some sort of answers and guidance.  (aka. me)  Some may even accidentally stumbled into the field, but the question is how did they grow? I interview those artists who went and pursued what they wanted, to build and learn more about their art and how they broke into their dreams. You can really learn a lot from someone, so here's to all the inspiring artist to help YOU figure YOU out!
I know this is cheesy but, there is a quote from Bill Nye - "EVERYONE you will ever meet ...knows something you don't." So learn a little! Learn from people's stories, their mistakes and choices, maybe this can help you along your journey!



To inspire / create / help others

I wanted to help people.  I knew I couldn't be a doctor to actually physically help someone.  There are those people in this world who ooze passion and drive that inspires others to do something daring, helping others find themselves within.  I hope I could be that person! I have this passion and I can't wait to share it.  I have this idea where I could use my creative skills to help empower others. I want to help everyone see potential in themselves. :)

Feel free to email me and I will try to get back to you on any questions you may have!

Best of luck!!

<3 Alaina T.